Saturday, July 7, 2012

20 Facts About Our Family

1. I have five sisters.
2. Wren has five brothers.
3. Wren and I were the first (and only) people we ever dated, or even liked.
4. We met in highschool when we were both 17-years-old.
5. After highschool we both attended the same university.
6. I received my Master's Degree in Sociology and a major in spanish.
7. Wren received his Master's Degree in Architecture and a major in mathematics.
8. One month after graduating, on July 16th, 2005, we got married.
9. Our first daughter, Violet, was conceived on our honeymoon.
10. Then, one month after Violet's birth, I was shocked to find out I was expecting yet again.
11. We waited two years after Mila's birth to conceive again.
12. Doctors told us Seraphina was going to be a BOY. Surprise... she wasn't!
13. And shortly after bringing Connor home from Ethiopia, we found out we were expecting again.
14. Adelaide was born two months early.
15. Seraphina is allergic to all grains.
16. Adelaide has asthma but, fortunately, it's minor.
17. All of my children speak English and Spanish fluently.
18. We would love to adopt and have more biological children one day.
19. Our family is Jewish. We are not as serious as other practicing Jews (we're not Orthodox or Hasidic), but we are pretty focused on this religion and it's culture, lifestyle, and beliefs.
20. Our family is like any other family though.

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